My quick preparation method. Short wave the solution for exactly about seconds or until some sort of temperature strip reads in between F. If the temperature range falls below the solid zone of F, be dressed in t panic. From next you can shake you see, the heating pad provided as attach it to these bottle in order in bring the urine back in time to the correct body temperature. You can also keep bottle close to the perfect warm part of a body in order to be able to retain heat. For males, keeping it close in the underwear will function to a tee.

For females, the breast support or underwear is prompt. We recommend that you not at all keep the urine present in your pocket when coming a testing facility considering that these are subject looking. Please note that some sort of acceptable range for pee sample acceptance in many U.S. labs is roughly F, so you take some wiggle room when handing in your structure. The slow preparation method. This kind method is usually enjoyed by people who have got no idea when as well as her urine test will make and simply carry regarding the kit in their car or their unique underwear.

Remove the Yogurt combines Fix urine vial from the penalty area and apply some of the heating pad when you need to the back to do with the bottle just like advised above, relating to the opposite aspect of the hot and cold temperature strip, using some of the rubber band offered. Store the synthetic pee in your dirt bike pants or leg; several type of frame heat will can help assist the temperatures rising process. If synthetic urine cannot store the main urine on you, the synthetic pee will take more or less minutes to complete the desired heating of F. when arriving to a test facility or even when taking that screen cup regarding the bathroom, watch the same assistance as above or do not to give our own bottle a faster shake to offer you give each Quick Fix pee some bubbles.

Quick Fix Pee Plus is labrador developed for healthful PH, specific gravity, creatinine and urea.